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Name:a picture a day community for dylan & cole sprouse
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Welcome to [community profile] dailysprouse,
a picture a day community for dylan and cole sprouse
in their various roles, appearances, photoshoots and candids.


Posting Timelines

- Mondays are Cole pics only.
- Fridays are Dylan pics only.
- All other days are Sprouse Bros pics.

Community Guidelines

- No Bashing. No bashing will be tolerated in this community, especially towards the people we post pictures of.
- Respect. Towards all members, at all times.
- The Obvious. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
- Images. The pictures/gifs used are copyrighted to their source/owners. Credit goes to the photographers of the original photos.
- Hotlinking. Please don't hotlink any of the pics here, use them if you want, just upload to your own sources. TY.
- Enjoy. Have fun melting/fapping/dribbling/drooling ... looking over the entries.
- Comment. Discuss the pictures! Please don't be shy here. This is no place to be shy.

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